I’m always trying to tease the truth out of the grey areas of today’s most talked-about issues. Most recently, I’ve been employed as an Amazon Operations Lead in a last-mile delivery station. Amazon’s continued growth, even as the preeminent online retail juggernaut, is currently the most interesting topic for me to keep an eye on and to analyze.

My background as a web developer, entrepreneur, online retailer and in international trade, gives me a unique insight into the current state of e-commerce, logistics, and the biggest player in both, Amazon.

My predisposition to wearing the blue-collar in any new endeavor, provides me with the perspective of the average Joe laborer. I do the work. I analyze the output. I observe those around me and I draw conclusions based on all of that data.


My next move is to build on the knowledge that I’ve accumulated, adding new skills in data analysis to present compelling stories rooted in statistical findings and real world experience in a fun and engaging way.

The next chapter is the relaunch of tedoneill.com.